The Team



Creative Director and Founder

Steve DeBro of The Olympic Auditorium Project

Creative Director and founder Stephen DeBro is a product of 1970s Los Angeles, when the city was wilder, more visceral, and dangerous. DeBro has spent most of his career championing outsider stories and unique artists, primarily musicians. He served as Vice President of Associated at Atlantic Records under legendary founder Ahmet Ertegun, and worked closely with Kris Kristofferson, Norah Jones, George Carlin, The Watts Prophets and the Preservation Hall Jazz Band among many others. He’s devoted the past several years developing the feature documentary 18th & Grand and the Olympic Auditorium Project, using art, music, and cultural events to create community and remember and honor L.A.’s vital past.


Karin Tracy of The Olympic Auditorium Project

Karin Tracy has almost two decades of design and marketing experience and considers herself a creative storyteller. Originally from the east coast, she moved to Los Angeles in 2013 and shortly thereafter met the team members of the Olympic Auditorium Project. The Olympic story grabbed her from several angles but she was most fascinated by the inimitable Aileen Eaton. Although a recent transplant to Los Angeles, Karin is entranced by this unique city and proud to be a part of sharing its history.