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A GenPop production, the Olympic Auditorium Project is a populist cultural history project celebrating L.A.'s Olympic Auditorium and old-school boxing, wrestling, roller derby, and music through film, music, art and community events.


We’re making a feature length documentary that tells the story of the Olympic Auditorium, Los Angeles’ late great boxing, wrestling, roller derby and music arena.

The list of people who fought, performed, or were connected to the Olympic are a who’s who of major figures of the 20th Century: Muhammad Ali, Andre the Giant, Johnny Rotten. The fans were just as notable: Clint Eastwood, Joan Didion, Mae West, and many more. The Olympic hosted seminal musical artists, including Rage Against the Machine, Frank Zappa and Fela Kuti and was a tribal gathering point of the hardcore punk scene.

It was also a major filming location for the entertainment industry: Rocky, Raging Bull, Million Dollar Baby, and countless other films and TV shows were shot at the Olympic.

18th & Grand is a blood soaked tale of Los Angeles, a documentary set in the spectacular and seedy world of the Olympic Auditorium.

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Aileen Eaton

‘Aileen Eaton…they called her the Dragon Lady. She ran that Olympic Auditorium. She was a great promoter...the whole strategy, the whole technique of it.' - Frankie Duarte, Professional Boxer

'Listen, Aileen couldn’t be intimidated. Aileen, by his arm, threw Mickey Cohen out of the Olympic. She was scared of nothing.' - Don Chargin, Matchmaker

'It (sports) was an all men's world. And here comes this women who is a dynamo, in charge of maybe the most macho sports of all - boxing.' - Dick Enberg, Sportscaster

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